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Welcome to Roseknot Events & Marketing

Elevate Your Experiences, Ignite Your Visions

At Roseknot Events & Marketing, we believe in the transformative power of exceptional events and memorable journeys. We are not just event organizers; we are dream weavers, experience creators, travel planners, and strategic partners in your journey towards success.

From mesmerizing weddings that celebrate love to captivating marketing campaigns that spark connections, we specialize in crafting extraordinary experiences that surpass expectations. But our expertise doesn't stop there. As a travel management company, we also curate bespoke travel itineraries, ensuring your journeys are as memorable as the events we create.

Our team of creative enthusiasts, detail-oriented professionals, and seasoned travel experts is dedicated to understanding your unique vision. With our expertise and innovative approach, we transform your ideas into reality, making every moment unforgettable.

Whether you're planning a grand event or embarking on a new adventure, Roseknot Events & Marketing is here to bring your visions to life. Explore our range of services and let us create unforgettable experiences for you.

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About Us

Your Trusted Partner in Travel and Event Experiences Since 2005

Welcome to Roseknot Events & Marketing, your trusted partner in creating unforgettable moments and journeys since 2005. Our dual expertise in event and travel management sets us apart in the industry, offering you a seamless blend of services tailored to your needs.

We believe in the power of listening. By understanding your aspirations and objectives, we transform your visions into reality. Our team of dedicated professionals, each a master of their craft, ensures that every event and journey we curate is a true reflection of your vision.

Our event management services are designed to create mesmerizing experiences that leave a lasting impression. From corporate retreats and destination weddings to captivating marketing campaigns, we handle every detail with precision, turning your events into extraordinary experiences.

Our travel management services offer more than just travel itineraries. We curate experiences, ensuring your journeys are as memorable as the events we create. Whether it’s a business trip, a dream vacation, or travel for an event, we handle every detail with the same level of care and precision, making your travel experiences extraordinary.

Why Choose Us

Experience & Expertise

With 18 of experience in the industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project we undertake.

Creative Brilliance

Our team of creative minds is always brimming with fresh ideas and innovative concepts that set your event apart.


Your satisfaction is our priority. We go the extra mile to understand your needs and deliver personalized solutions.

Attention to Detail

We believe in perfection, and that's why every detail of your event receives meticulous attention.


 Our events are not just about aesthetics; they are strategically designed to achieve your goals and objectives

Our Verticals

Audio Video Excellence

Our cutting-edge audio-visual solutions bring events to life, enhancing engagement and delivering immersive experiences. From stage setup to seamless audio coordination, we ensure your message resonates with the audience.

Birthday Celebration

Let us make your special day extraordinary with our bespoke birthday event planning services. From thematic decorations to interactive entertainment, we create unforgettable moments that celebrate you.

Corporate Services

Make a lasting impact on your stakeholders with meticulously planned corporate Services. From conferences and product launches to brand activations, we deliver exceptional experiences that drive results.

Hospitality & Logistics

We take care of every aspect of hospitality and logistics for your event. From travel arrangements to on-site coordination, we ensure a seamless experience for you and your guests.

Marketing & Exhibitions

Transform your brand’s narrative with our creative marketing campaigns and exhibitions. We leverage various channels and cutting-edge strategies to maximize reach and engagement.


 Celebrate your love story with a wedding that reflects your dreams and desires. Our expert wedding planners curate magical moments and design breathtaking ceremonies that will be cherished forever.

No matter the theme of your event or the destination of your journey, at Roseknot Events & Marketing, we go above and beyond to ensure its grand success. With more than a decade in the industry, we’ve journeyed far from our humble beginnings, growing into a trusted name in both event and travel management.

The success of any event or travel itinerary relies heavily on meticulous planning and flawless execution. Our team of dedicated professionals brings their expertise to the table, ensuring that every detail is taken care of, whether it’s curating a mesmerizing event or planning a seamless travel experience.

At Roseknot Events & Marketing, we’re not just about creating events and journeys; we’re about crafting memories that last a lifetime.

Get in touch

Ready to create extraordinary moments together? Get in touch with us today, and let’s embark on a journey towards an exceptional event that will exceed your expectations and leave a lasting impression. We look forward to bringing your visions to life and making your dreams a reality.

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